Ian Kariniemi

Associate Researcher
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B.S. with distinction, Computer Science, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, 2019
M.S. Computer Science, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, Expected 2022

Ian Kariniemi is an Associate Researcher at SIFT. He began doing research as an undergraduate with Professor Nicholas Hopper, working on Network Security and co-authored a workshop paper at ACM CCS in 2017. In 2019, he joined SIFT as an Intern, working on Cybersecurity in the context of Binary Analysis and Symbolic Execution, later expanding into work in Artificial Intelligence and Automated Planning. Mr. Kariniemi joined SIFT as an Associate Researcher in 2020 after he graduated. In 2020 Mr. Kariniemi entered the University of Minnesota as a Masters student, and is currently working in the Minnesota Extensible Language Tools (MELT) research group under Professor Eric Van Wyk, working in Compilers and Static Analysis. In his free time, Mr. Kariniemi enjoys lifting, biking, and swimming.