Saumik Narayanan

Associate Researcher
snarayanan at sift dot net

PhD., Compputer Science, Washington University in St. Louis (Starting 2020)

B.S. magna cum laude, Computer Science, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, 2019

Saumik Narayanan is an Associate Researcher at SIFT. He started exploring the world of research during his undergrad with Dr. Lana Yarosh, working in a number of diverse areas such as Applied Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Qualitative Methods, and Social Network Analysis. After graduation, he started at SIFT, and has worked on projects including using Monte Carlo Methods to sample conflicts in a Multi-Agent domain, evaluating the robustness of Bayesian network models, and using functions to compute continuous probabilities in a model, instead of discretized values. Starting in 2020, Saumik will be further advancing his research career by starting his Ph.D at Washington University in St. Louis.