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Smart Information Flow Technologies (SIFT) is a research and development consulting company specializing in Human Factors and Artificial Intelligence. SIFT's goal is to make the information flow between humans and technology better for both sides -- more efficient, productive, pleasant, and safer. In order to achieve this goal SIFT employs top engineers in the fields of Computer Science and Psychology who specialize in Human Computer Interaction, Interface Design, Human Performance, Artificial Intelligence, Network and Cybersecurity, and Politeness and Etiquette models.

Since our inception in 1999, SIFT personnel have extended the state of the art in a wide range of domains from commercial and military flight decks to DoD small unit operations and have authored well over a hundred papers documenting our many contributions to the state of the art in multiple fields.

SIFT's highly experienced staff includes: Chris Miller, Harry Funk, Mark Burstein, Eric Engstrom, Robert Goldman, David Musliner, Mike Pelican, Dan Thomsen, Dan Bryce, David McDonald, Jeff Rye, Peggy Wu, J. Benton, Mike Boldt, Scott Friedman, Josh Hamell, Pete Keller, Ugur Kuter, Tammy Ott, Sonja Schmer-Galunder, Jordan Thayer, and Joseph B. Mueller.

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New at SIFT...

Drs. Miller and Kuter give University Lecture

Drs. Miller and Kuter recently traveled to the University of Colorado at Boulder and delivered a seminar on October 7th titled "Supervising Automation: Hierarchical Delegation for “Unmanned” Systems We Can Live With" to the Research and Engineering Center for Unmanned Vehicles (RECUV). We focused on presenting Playbook (R) research and integrative research on hierarchical network planning, learning and representations-- including some recent and innovative work on automation "self confidence" and its expression and use by human supervisors. The audience was interdisciplinary including representatives of aeronautics, atmospheric sciences, automation, controls, communications and signal processing disciplines.

Drs. Kuter and Goldman co-author article to appear in Artificial Intelligence

Drs. Ugur Kuter and Robert Goldman are co-authors of the forthcoming article, "Plan Aggregation for Strong Cyclic Planning in Nondeterministic Domains," to appear in the prestigious journal, Artificial Intelligence (vol. 216, 2014). A prepublication draft is available on Dr. Goldman's homepage. The paper was written with researchers at the University of Maryland, Dr. Ron Alford, and Prof. Dana Nau, who have collaborated with SIFT on mulitple research projects (including, most recently, DARPA's OBTW program).


Dr. David McDonald co-author on journal paper in Advances in Cognitive Systems

Dr. David McDonald's workshop paper, co-authored with Prof. James Pustejovsky, "Representing Inferences and their Lexicalization" has appeared in the on-line journal Advances in Cognitive Systems.  This summarizes our work on our C3 project.

[Updated 3 September 2014]

Dr. David McDonald co-organizing the 8th International Natural Language Generation Conference

SIFT Researcher, Dr. David McDonald is one of the organizers of the 8th International Natural Language Generation Conference, being held June 19th to 21st 2014 in Philadelphia. This continues a series of international meetings in language generation going back to 1983, and this years will have participants from 12 different countries.

For more information: http://inlg2014.wordpress.com

SIFT presentations at NASA’s annual Human Research Program Investigator’s Workshop

Dr. Christopher Miller and Ms. Peggy Wu recently attended NASA’s annual Human Research Program Investigator’s Workshop in Houston. Generally, any NASA-sponsored human research program is required to present a briefing at this workshop, but it is unusual to present more than once per project. Nevertheless, SIFT’s AD ASTRA program was invited to present two lectures.

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