Adaptive Automation and Decision Aiding in the Military Fast Jet Domain

The Tasking Interface Manager (TIM) seeks to demonstrate real-time adaptive automation and real-time task, interface and timeline management to support pilot operations in the Cognitive Cockpit . The intended TIM application is to enable the pilot to concentrate his/her cognitive capabilities on the tactical aspects of the mission and off-load the routine activities to automation. Ideally, this would allow the pilot to remain in a feed-forward activity (supervisory control), whilst most, if not all feedback requirements are met by decision aiding and automation. The TIM utilises output from the Situation Assessment Support System and the Cognition Monitor to adaptively present information and adaptively automate tasks according to the situational context and the pilotís internal state. The main features of a tasking interface are a shared mental model, the ability to track goals, plans and tasks, and the ability to communicate intent about the mission plan. The paper will describe the concept of operation and the technical development of the TIM. 

Bonner, M., Taylor, R., Fletcher, K., & Miller, C. (2000, October 15-19). Adaptive Automation and Decision Aiding in the Military Fast Jet Domain. Paper presented at the Human Performance, Situation Awareness and Automation conference, Savannah, GA.