About Smart Information Flow Technologies (SIFT)

Smart Information Flow Technologies (SIFT) is a research and development consulting company with strengths in Natural Language Processing (NLP), Automated Planning, Cybersecurity, Supervisory Control, Healthcare, and a range of Human-Automation Interaction technologies.  We make the information flow between humans and technology better for both sides -- more efficient, productive, and safer. SIFT employs top researchers in Computer Science and the Social Sciences with specializations in Artificial Intelligence (planning, plan recognition, machine learning), Software Engineering (testing, verification, formal methods), Linguistics, Control Theory, Neuroscience, Human Performance, and Politeness and Etiquette models.  Nearly half of SIFT researchers hold PhDs, and more than 75% hold advanced degrees.

Since our inception in 1999, SIFT has grown by over 30% per year (CAGR), and now has staff in Minneapolis, Boston, D.C., Dallas, San Francisco and San Diego.  We collaborate with top research labs (DARPA, ONR, ARL, AFRL), and we team with top academics and industrial researchers to advance the state of the art and address cutting edge problems.  We work in domains from satellites to submarines; PTSD to provably-correct plans.

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"What you need, when you need it, how you need it."