A Playbook™ for Real-time, Closed-Loop Control

Keywords: delegation interfaces, tasking interfaces, unmanned air vehicles, robotics, hierarchical task networks, mixed initiative control, discrete event control

Abstract: SIFT has been developing an approach to adaptable automation control of multiple Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs) we call a PlaybookTM because it is based on the metaphor of a sports team’s book of acceptable plays. Playbook represents a “delegation” approach to human-automation interactions because it allows a human operator to task or delegate authority to automation with much of the same flexibility with which a human supervisor or team captain can delegate objectives, methods, constraints and even detailed instructions to subordinates. In previous work, we have described the Playbook architecture and approach, illustrated interfaces, presented initial data clarifying its benefits and describing collaborative interactions with it. Here, we review the Playbook concept and previous work and then report on newly implemented play capabilities including the ability for the Playbook to coordinate the activities of multiple UAVs to track a groundbased moving target—a play that requires Playbook to dynamically replan within authority delegated to it by the human operator.

Funk, H., Goldman, R., Miller, C., Meisner, J., & Wu, P. (2005, March). A Playbook™ for Real-time, Closed-Loop Control. Submitted for inclusion in Proceedings of the 1st Annual Conference on Human-Robot Interaction. Salt Lake City, UT. - [PDF]