The Playbook Approach to Adaptive Automation

Keywords: playbook, supervisory control, unmanned aerial vehicle, play templates, adaptive automation, relaxed planning

Abstract: SIFT has pioneered a human-automation integration architecture, called PlaybookTM, based on a shared model of the tasks in the domain. This shared task model provides a means of human-automation communication about plans, goals, methods and resource usage—a process akin to referencing plays in a sports team’s playbook. The Playbook enables human operators to interact with subordinate systems with the same flexibility as with well-trained human subordinates, thus allowing for adaptive automation. We describe this approach and its application in an ongoing project called Playbook-enhanced Variable Autonomy Control SystemTM (P-VACS).

Miller, C., Funk, H., Wu, P., Goldman, R., Meisner, J., & Chapman, M. The Playbook Approach to Adaptive Automation. Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society's 49th Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL. - [PDF]