Interactive Phrasebook, Language and Culture Training

Keywords: phrasebook. cultural awareness, etiquette, socially aware

Abstract: Cultural-awareness and knowledge of business etiquette in the globalized world is vital in creating successful partnerships. Its importance is demonstrated by the numerous culture and language training books, programs, and consulting companies geared towards the international business market. One problem is that there are nuances within a culture that may dramatically alter the meaning behind communications, but these subtleties cannot be taught effectively in the current teaching formats. Contextual information such as the power distance or familiarity between the speaker and the hearer and their effects are often footnotes in a lesson, despite their considerable influence on the interpretation of the message. This problem can be addressed by computerized training that allows the learner to...

Wu, P., & Miller, C. (2008, June 12-13). Interactive Phrasebook, Language and Culture Training. Proceedings of the International Conference on E-Learning in the Workplace (ICELW), Columbia University, New York, NY. - [PDF]