Michael Pelican

Principal Researcher
mpelican at sift dot net

M.S., Computer Science, University of Minnesota, 1996

B.A., Political Science, University of Michigan, 1990

Prior to joining SIFT, Mr. Pelican spent 13 years at Honeywell's corporate research center, most recently as a Systems Engineer for the Command Sequence Automation function of the Orion spacecraft avionics. The Command Sequence Automation function is the on-board executive of automated command sequences, executing scripts that provide automatic FDIR responses, utility functions for Flight Controllers, and support for mixed-initiative eProcedures. He contributed to the Honeywell/Lockheed Martin proposal for Orion in the areas of automation and procedure support, and led the Phase I Trade Study on automation executives, which recommended using Spacecraft Command Language (SCL). As an Orion Systems Engineer, Mr.Pelican contributed to the development of the functional and interface requirements for the Command Sequence Automation function. Mr. Pelican is a certified SCL developer.

Mr. Pelican also contributed to a series of DARPA and Honeywell internal R\&D projects, specializing in planning and control for automated and robotic systems. For the Cooperative Intelligent Real-Time Control Architecture (CIRCA) projects, Mr.Pelican contributed to the development of model checking techniques that verified the safety of executable scripts automatically derived from plans in an augmented STRIPS formalism. Mr.Pelican was also a member of the Honeywell team that built a constraint-based scheduling system for the 777 SAFEbus avionics cabinet. This scheduling system solved a world-record sized constraint scheduling problem to find a CPU and bus schedule that met system safety and data requirements. Schedules created by this system are in flight today.