SIFT Scientists to Present at ICAPS 2010

<p>Drs. Robert Goldman and John Maraist will present research results at the 20th International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling (ICAPS) held in Toronto, Canada, May 12-16, 2010.&nbsp; Their paper describes Shopper, a plan execution engine that facilitates experimental evaluation of plans, and makes it easier for planning researchers to incorporate replanning into plan development and execution.</p>


<p>Shopper interprets the LTML plan language, which extends previous AI planner languages with more expressive control structures, and with support for semantic web services modeled on OWL-S.&nbsp; To support experimentation as well as action in the real world, Shopper accommodates multiple, swappable implementations of its primitive action API. For example, one may interact with real web services through SOAP and WSDL, or with simulated web services through local procedure calls.&nbsp; Clearly, Shopper is particularly suited to applications involving semantic web services.&nbsp;<br />
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The Shopper paper will be presented by Dr. Maraist at the 2010 International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling (ICAPS), in Toronto, Canada, May 2010. Dr. Maraist will also demonstrate the system at ICAPS.</p>

<p>Shopper was part of SIFT&#39;s contribution to DARPA&#39;s Integrated Learning program, which recently concluded after a very successful three-phase effort.<br />