SIFT Awarded $1.6M Contract to Research Probabilistic Verification

SIFT along with teammates Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Oxford, have been awarded a one year, $1.6M DARPA contract to work on probabilistic verification  of system designs, under the META program.  This program is sponsored by DARPA.  From the DARPA website:

The ultimate goal of the META program is to make a dramatic improvement on the existing systems engineering, integration, and testing process for defense systems... it aims to develop model-based design methods for cyber-physical systems far more complex and heterogeneous than those to which such methods are applied today; to combine these methods with a rigorous deployment of hierarchical abstractions throughout the system architecture; to optimize system design with respect to an observable, quantitative measure of complexity for the entire cyber-physical systems; and to apply probabilistic formal methods to the system verification problem, thereby dramatically reducing the need for expensive real-world testing and design iteration.

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