Chris Miller publishes invited review

Dr. Miller has recently published an invited review of work by Dr. Dave Kaber of North Carolina State University.  Dr. Kaber's article, Issues in Human-Automation Interaction Modeling: Presumptive Aspects of Frameworks of Types and Levels of Automation, promises to be a seminal review of the concept of "Levels of Automation" as it has been used in the Human Factors and Human-Autonomy Interaction fields over the past 30 years, along with a call for action going forward.

Dr. Miller was invited to review and critique Dr. Kaber's work for the Journal of Cognitive Engineering and Decision Making.  Dr. Miller's critique, while generally favorable, centers on the limitations inherent in any fixed levels of automation scheme and points to the flexibility inherent in human-human delegation interactions, arguing that this is what we should strive for.  Both Dr. Kaber's initial article and Dr. Miller's review are published in the October issue of the journal and are available at and respectively.