Dr. Miller Serves on Committee on Human-System Integration Research Topics

Dr. Christopher Miller recently served as one of eleven members of the Committee on Human-System Integration Research Topics for the 711th Human Performance Wing of the Air Force Research Laboratory.

This committee was organized and managed by the National Academy of Sciences to review the state of the art and identify and prioritize research needs in the area of Human-AI Teaming.  This thorough review of current and recent research was divided into themes including processes and effectiveness assessment, transparency and explainability, trust in AI teammates, training for AI use, etc.  Recommendations for Human-AI teaming research were provided under each topic.  The 142 page document is available here and a 3-page summary is provided here.  The committee's work and report will be briefed in a one-hour webinar by the committee chair, Dr. Mica Endsley on January 13th at 1-2PM ET.  More information and registration is available at here.