SIFT researcher Ugur Kuter has recently organized The Student Abstracts and Posters (SAP) Program at AAAI-11 conference this year. The goal of this program was to provide a forum in which students can present and discuss their work during its early stages, meet some of their peers who have related interests, and introduce themselves to more senior members of the field. The program is held every year with AAAI and is open to all graduate students.

SIFT Principal Researcher, Mr. Dan Thomsen, has recently completed a DARPA SBIR phase 1 SBIR program on massive collaborative problem solving. In the spirit of collaboration Mr. Thomsen wrote a paper with his competitor. The paper titled "Explorations in Massively Collaborative Problem Solving" written by Kshanti Greene,  Dan Thomson, and Pietro Michelucci will appear in SocialCom-11 this October.

SIFT researchers  Dr. David Musliner, Jeff Rye, Dan Thomsen, Dr. David McDonald, and Dr. Mark Burstein along with DOLL researcher Paul Robertson authored "FUZZBUSTER: Towards Adaptive Immunity from Cyber Threats". The paper describes the preliminary implementation of the Fuzzbuster software. This paper will be presented at the Fifth IEEE International Conference on Self-Adaptive and Self-Organizing Systems (SASO) in Ann Arbor Michigan, October 3-7. 

SIFT Principal Researcher, Dr. Robert Goldman, has recently collaborated with Dr. Christopher Geib of the University of Edinburgh on plan recognition research written up in the paper entitled "Recognizing Plans with Loops Represented in a Lexicalized Grammar."  Plan recognition is the problem of attempting to infer an agent's intentions or plans based on observations of the agent's action.

SIFT Researcher, Dr. Ugur Kuter, has recently published two new papers from the 6th International Explanation-Aware CompuTing (EXACT) Workshop.

M. Molineaux, U. Kuter, and M. Klenk. 2011. What Just Happened? Explaining the Past in Planning and Execution.

SIFT Principal Researcher, Dr. Mark Burstein and colleagues have been awarded the Semantic Web Science Association (SWSA) 10 year award.

This award recognizes the highest impact papers from the ISWC proceedings ten years prior (i.e., in 2011 they honor a paper from 2001). The decision is based on the impact of the paper measured primarily, but not exclusively, on the number of citations to the papers from the proceedings in the intervening decade. 

Earlier this spring SIFT scientists participated in a Dagstuhl Workshop on Plan Recognition.

SIFT Principal Researcher Dr. David Musliner and Senior Researcher Dr. Terry Zimmerman have contributed to the book "Metareasoning: Thinking about Thinking" edited by Michael t. Cox and Anita Raja. The book applies perspectives drawn from philosophy, cognitive psychology, and computer science toward the reasoning processes involved in artificial intelligence and cognitive science.  

SIFT congratulates Senior Researcher Jeffrey Rye for the award of his ninth patent!

"Systems and methods for navigating graphical displays of buildings", US Patent number 7,954,070, Thomas A. Plocher, Jeffrey M. Rye, Xianghong Sun, May 2011.

SIFT has been selected for funding under NASA's Human Research Program Behavioral Health and Performance Element. The project named AD ASTRA, will leverage SIFT's prior work in sociolinguistics to explore the unique challenges of long duration missions.  Factors such as lack of team coherence, workload, social monotony, access to family and psychosocial support, and interpersonal and cultural differences are known to affect both crew welfare and task performance.