Dr. Chris Miller was invited to serve on the European Space Foundation’s THESEUS project to develop a research roadmap to support human exploration of space.  Dr. Miller attended a four-day workshop in Sasbachwalden, Germany, from April 6-9, 2010, where he participated as a member of the Expert Group on Human-Machine Interfaces advising on and prioritizing outstanding research issues associated with deep space missions such as human exploration of Mars or the asteroids.

SIFT has been awarded a Phase 1 SBIR titled Decision-Theoretic Automation for Coordinated Space Surveillance (DTACSS, AF093-058).

SIFT has been awarded an Air Force Phase 1 SBIR titled Global Recognition of Attacker Signatures and Policy Response (GRASP, FA8650-10-M-1757).

Please see the GRASP page for more information.

SIFT has been awarded a Phase 2 NASA SBIR For proposal X1.01-8449, titled: SAFE-P: System for Assurance of Flight Executable Procedures

Please see the SAFE-P page for more information