SIFT congratulates Senior Researcher Jeffrey Rye for the award of his ninth patent!

"Systems and methods for navigating graphical displays of buildings", US Patent number 7,954,070, Thomas A. Plocher, Jeffrey M. Rye, Xianghong Sun, May 2011.

SIFT has been selected for funding under NASA's Human Research Program Behavioral Health and Performance Element. The project named AD ASTRA, will leverage SIFT's prior work in sociolinguistics to explore the unique challenges of long duration missions.  Factors such as lack of team coherence, workload, social monotony, access to family and psychosocial support, and interpersonal and cultural differences are known to affect both crew welfare and task performance.

SIFT's Chief Scientist, Dr. Christopher Miller has recently been invited to participate in President Obama's Startup America initiative. The program aims to celebrate, inspire, and accelerate high-growth entrepreneurship throughout the nation. Along with Dr. Miller, local high-growth entrepreneurs in the Twin Cities area were asked to discuss the regulatory reforms, reductions and improvements that could be enacted to help high-growth entrepreneurs grow in our country

SIFT recently welcomed Dr. Ugur Kuter to their talented team of researchers. Dr. Kuter specializes in Artificial Intelligence. His primary research activities focus on problems that are primarily on Automated Planning and Learning, and related to Game Theory, Evolutionary Computation, Social Networks, and Semantic Web Service Composition. 

SIFT recently welcomed Tim Woods to our team of researchers. Mr. Wood's research interests are in machine learning in adversarial and non-cooperative environments, and in the the security of adaptive

SIFT Congratulates Senior Researcher Dr. Terry Zimmerman. Dr. Zimmerman has a co-authored a paper titled "CONSERVE: Client Side Intelligent Power Scheduling" which has been chosen for inclusion in the Tenth International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (AAMAS 2011). 

Minnesota firms are playing a significant role in the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA) ambitious research effort to revolutionize the design and manufacture of complex defense systems and vehicles, broadly referred to as complex cyber physical systems. This effort, called Adaptive Vehicle Make, is a portfolio of research programs with the goal to realize a 5X reduction in the time and cost associated with designing these systems.

SIFT, along with teammates University of Maryland (Drs. Dana Nau and Ugur Kuter) and Arizona State University (Dr. Subbarao Kambhampati), have been awarded a 39 month, $2M DARPA contract to develop decision aiding techniques, based on AI planning, to support US military operations planners, under the Oh By The Way (OBTW) program, BAA10-058. The total value of the contract with options exercised is over $3M.   

The primary objective is to develop a tool called S3, that will efficiently perform several key plan analysis functions on mission plans:

SIFT (Smart Information Flow Technologies) has acquired the domain name "" and our new website address is   If you have visted us from either or, you have been redirected to our new primary domain name.  

The Fall issue of AI Magazine includes an article co-authored by SIFT researcher, Dr. David McDonald, titled "Project Halo Update – Progress Toward Digital Aristotle".