SIFT Researcher Dr. Ugur Kuter has recently collaborated with University of Maryland, College Park and Naval Research Labs at Washington DC. in a total of three papers on novel AI planning formalisms and algorithms in classical and dynamic, multi-agent domains. These works will be published and presented at the 11th International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent System (AAMAS-12).

SIFT was awarded a Phase I Small Business Innovation Research grant (SBIR) by the Telemedicine & Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC) entitled "CALM: Continuous Anger Level Management."

SIFT was awarded a phase 1 SBIR titled "SAGA: Sequential Art via Game Assistance." This SBIR combines social games and AI-directed therapy to help treat soldiers with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by creating sequential art (graphic novels) to tell their story.

SIFT Researcher Ugur Kuter was asked to contribute a paper to and present at the Festshcrift tribute symposium given to Dana Nau. This work will subsequently be published in a book also organized by Festshcrift.

SIFT Researcher Dan Thomsen is a Guest Editor for the November/December 2012 special issue of IEEE Security & Privacy on "Lost Treasures of Computer Security & Privacy."

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SIFT Senior Researcher David McDonald's paper "The Location of Words: Evidence from generation and spatial description" has been accepted to the American Association for Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) Fall Symposium on Advances in Cognitive Systems.

SIFT Researcher Ugur Kuter has recently collaborated with Dr. Jennifer Golbeck and her students at the University of Maryland College Park, studying computational models for social trust and social interactions in adversarial scenarios. This work will be reported in two recent papers entitled "CareTaker: A Social Game for Studying Trust Dynamics" and "Coevolving Strategies in Social-Elimination Games." The first paper presents a new Web-based game that provides a framework for studying trust and understanding how trust affects social strategies developed by human players.

SIFT researcher Ugur Kuter has recently organized The Student Abstracts and Posters (SAP) Program at AAAI-11 conference this year. The goal of this program was to provide a forum in which students can present and discuss their work during its early stages, meet some of their peers who have related interests, and introduce themselves to more senior members of the field. The program is held every year with AAAI and is open to all graduate students.

SIFT Principal Researcher, Mr. Dan Thomsen, has recently completed a DARPA SBIR phase 1 SBIR program on massive collaborative problem solving. In the spirit of collaboration Mr. Thomsen wrote a paper with his competitor. The paper titled "Explorations in Massively Collaborative Problem Solving" written by Kshanti Greene,  Dan Thomson, and Pietro Michelucci will appear in SocialCom-11 this October.

SIFT researchers  Dr. David Musliner, Jeff Rye, Dan Thomsen, Dr. David McDonald, and Dr. Mark Burstein along with DOLL researcher Paul Robertson authored "FUZZBUSTER: Towards Adaptive Immunity from Cyber Threats". The paper describes the preliminary implementation of the Fuzzbuster software. This paper will be presented at the Fifth IEEE International Conference on Self-Adaptive and Self-Organizing Systems (SASO) in Ann Arbor Michigan, October 3-7.