OFFSET: OFFensive Swarm Enabled Tactics


The OFFSET (OFFensive Swarm Enabled Tactics) program aims to create a testbed for tactic development, refinement, and evaluation of swarm control. SIFT is a member of Raytheon BBN's CCAST team (Command and Control of Aggregate Swarm Tactics), along with Oregon State University. We are creating an interface to visualize urban scenario space and simultaneously control scores of heterogeneous autonomous agents. This application, I3 (Immersive Interaction Interface), uses Valve's 'Index' virtual reality set to place the swarm commander into the scenario space, relying on VR inputs, tactile interactions, and speech/auditory modalities to apply the Swarm Interaction Grammar - a definition of possible tactic parameters and the associated interaction capabilities for context-sensitive operational roles.

OFFSET VR overview picture

Watch DARPA's Youtube Video about OFFSET here.