SIFT Scientists to Present Work at ILC

Drs. Robert P. Goldman and John Maraist will present work at the 2010 International Lisp Conference (ILC) this month in Reno. Both of their papers and presentations will highlight recently developed programming tools.

Dr. Goldman's paper "ASDF 2: More Cooperation, Less Coordination," written with Francois-Rene Rideau, presents the next generation of the ASDF (Another System Definition Framework) tool, which is the de facto standard build tool for Common Lisp. ASDF does for Common Lisp what make does for C and ant for Java, but is more complex because it must operate in a dynamic programming environment.

Dr. Maraist will present "NST: A unit testing system for Common Lisp". NST is a programmer's tool, providing a flexible framework for verifying a system's behavior. Both ASDF2 and NST are open-source projects, freely available to the public. ASDF2 is available through NST is available as an ASDF-installable package, or via CLiki.