SIFT paper accepted at ACS 2013

A paper co-authored by SIFT Senior Researcher, Dr. David McDonald, has been accepted for presentation at the Second Annual Conference on Advances in Cognitive Systems (ACS 2013). Dr. McDonald will present the paper, titled "On the Representation of Inferences and their Lexicalization" at the conference in Baltimore Maryland on December 13, 2013.

Abstract: We have recently begun a project to develop a more effective and efficient way to marshal inferences from background knowledge to facilitate deep natural language understanding. The meaning of a word is taken to be the entities, predications, presuppositions, and potential inferences that it adds to an ongoing situation. As words compose, the minimal model in the situation evolves to limit and direct inference. At this point we have developed our computational architecture and implemented it on real text. Our focus has been on proving the feasibility of our design.

Read the full paper.