Four papers by SIFT researchers accepted to AAAI-16 workshops

Four papers by SIFT researchers have been accepted to various workshops sponsored by the Thirtieth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-16).

  • Active Perception for Cyber Intrusion Detection and Defense, co-authored by Drs. J. Benton, Robert P. Goldman, Mark Burstein, and Joseph Mueller has been accepted to the Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Cyber Security (AICS).
  • Extending Biology Models with Deep NLP over Scientific Articles, co-authored by Drs. David McDonald, Mark Burstein, Scott Friedman, and Ms. Amandalynne Paullada, based on their work on R3: Reading, Reasoning, and Reporting, has been accepted to the Workshop on Knowledge Extraction from Text (KET).

Two SIFT papers have been accepted to the Workshop on Planning for Hybrid Systems (PlanHS): 

  • An Architecture for Hybrid Planning and Execution, co-authored by Drs. Robert P. Goldman, Dan Bryce, David J. Musliner and Mr. Michael J.S. Pelican
  • A Happening-based Encoding for Nonlinear PDDL+ Planning, by Dr. Daniel Bryce.

Rounding out SIFT's presence at AAAI-16 are Dr. Christopher Miller, on the program committee for the AICS workshop, and Dr. Daniel Bryce, on the program committee for the PlanHS workshop. Additionally, SIFT associate Mark Valovage will present "Automatic Label Correction and Device Prioritization in Single Household Electricity Disaggregation," co-authored with University of Minnesota professor Maria Gini, at the Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Smart Grids and Smart Buildings, based on his research as a PhD student at the University of Minnesota.