SIFT is proud to sponsor the International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling (ICAPS), which is the premier forum for exchanging the latest research results on the theory and applications of intelligent planning and scheduling systems that reason and act over extended timeframes to accomplish complex user-assigned tasks. ICAPS 2019 will be held July 11-15 in Berkeley (CA), USA.  See more at

As a proud sponsor of AAAI-19, we are participating in the AAAI-19 Job Fair and are looking for new employees at all levels of education and experience.  Look for SIFT at our exhibitors booth or talk to any of the SIFT employees attending and giving papers including: Christopher Geib, Dave Musliner, Ugur Kuter, Rick Freedman, and Sonja Schmer-Galunder.

Dan Thomsen was invited to give an hour long lecture on his approach for reducing the attack surface of networks. The lecture was accompanied by a paper.

Dr. Scott Friedman authored a paper in Cognitive Science with collaborators from Northwestern University:

Dr. Miller has recently published an invited review of work by Dr. Dave Kaber of North Carolina State University.  Dr. Kaber's article, Issues in Human-Automation Interaction Modeling: Presumptive Aspects of Frameworks of Types and Levels of Automation, promises to be a seminal review of the concept of "Levels of Automation" as it has been used in the Human Factors and Human-Autonomy Interaction fields over the past 30 years, along with a call for action going forward.

SIFT is a Bronze Sponsor of The Thirty-Second AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence. AAAI-18 will be in New Orleans, Louisiana February 2–7, 2018.

Senior Researcher Sonja Schmer-Galunder was interviewed for the German National Radio about the use of algorithms and psychometrics development to measure personal attributes.

The Girl Time event at The Works Museum is an event designed for girls ages 5-12 to learn about engineering from women engineers with hands-on activities and demonstrations.

Girl Time 2017 is Saturday, September 23 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Josh Hamell has been awarded patent 9,529,357, "Mechanism for Path Specification, Visualization and Control", with Colonel Jeffrey Eggers, Dr Mark Draper, Robert Shaw, and Heath Ruff.  This patent was a product of SIFT's efforts in the FLEX-IT program with AFRL, which dealt heavily with varying levels of control within an increasingly autonomous environment.

SIFT researchers received the Best Poster award at Human Computer Interaction International (HCII) 2016 for "ATHENA – A Zero-Intrusion No Contact Method for Workload Detection using Linguistics, Keyboard Dynamics, and Computer Vision".

Congratulations to Tammy Ott, Peggy Wu, Amandalynne Paullada, Derek Mayer, Jeremy Gottlieb, and Peter Wall (Smart Information Flow Technologies, LLC (SIFT), USA).