SIFT Fuzzbuster team publishes two papers

SIFT's Fuzzbuster team has published two papers on meta-control and metrics for adaptive cybersecurity. The papers describe advances to the state-of-the-art in program analysis for rapidly and automatically identifying, characterizing, and repairing vulnerabilities in software. The publications include:

David J. Musliner, Scott E. Friedman, Jeffrey M. Rye, Tom Marble. (2013). Meta-control for Adaptative Cybersecurity in FUZZBUSTER. Proceedings of SASO 2013. Philadelphia, PA.

David J. Musliner, Scott E. Friedman, Tom Marble, Jeffrey M. Rye, Michael W. Boldt, Michael Pelican. (2013). Self-Adaptation Metrics for Active Cybersecurity. Second annual SASO workshop on Adaptive Host and Network Security. Philadelphia, PA.