HACKAR team co-authors a paper to appear in AAAI/IAAI-15

Drs. Ugur Kuter, Mark Burstein, J. Benton, Dan Bryce, Jordan Thayer and Steve McCoy will present their article HACKAR: Helpful Advice for Code Knowledge and Attack Resilience in the Emerging Applications track of the AAAI Innovative Applications of AI (IAAI-15) conference at Austin TX. This paper describes our HACKAR system, a novel combination of Java program analysis and automated learning and planning architecture to the domain of Java vulnerability analysis. The key feature of HACKAR is its ability to analyze Java programs at development-time, identifying vulnerabilities and ways to avoid them. A prepublication draft is available on request from Dr. Kuter. The published paper will be available in the AAAI archives as well as Dr. Kuter's web site.