M-PRIMUS: Mission Planning for Resources in Integrated Mixed Undersea Systems


SIFT has designed and developed an initial prototype implementation of M-PRIMUS (Mission Planning for Resources in Integrated Mixed Undersea Systems), a suite of human-system interaction and intelligent decision-support tools, to make the growing capabilities of tactical resources (i.e., ships, submarines, AUSs, and other assets) accessible to Navy mission planning commanders and operators.

SIFT Approach:

In the Phase I base period, we have constructed a preliminary proof-of concept prototype of M-PRIMUS and designed abstract scenarios that are relevant to Theatre Anti Submarine Warfare (TASW) missions. We have shown the feasibility of the proposed M-PRIMUS architecture in the implementation of this prototype by designing and carrying out engineering tasks to implement algorithms for an end-to-end test of the data pipeline. We have successfully conducted pilot experiments with several components of M-PRIMUS, which have validated this pipeline with a small number of test cases.